The operating principle of the AIRCARE-BOX system is based on the physical phenomenon of ionization.
Ionization consists in the generation of one or more ions due to the removal or addition of electrons from a neutral molecular entity (i.e. atoms or molecules), which can be caused by collisions between particles or by absorption of radiation. Atoms or molecules that have fewer electrons than the atomic number remain positively charged and are called “cations”; those that have a number of electrons greater than the atomic number remain negatively charged and are called “anions“. The ionized gas is called plasma.
The AIRCARE-BOX system reproduces a phenomenon that occurs in nature, in fact thanks to powerful electrical discharges (in nature, for example, lightning) ionic particles are formed which have confirmed their high sanitizing power of air and the surfaces of the environment in which it is installed.
Plasma (ionized air) acts on the surfaces at the molecular level of the particles preventing contaminants, viruses and bacteria from feeding and eliminating them. In fact, it disaggregates both volatile organic compounds (VOC) and the protein membranes of viruses and bacteria.
This type of process, in particular, increases the flow of oxygen to the brain, improving mental and cognitive performance, generating energy, good mood and reducing the states of depression.

It also tends to agglomerate (increase in size) fine particles, making them less dangerous for our pulmonary alveoli. Ionization is a natural phenomenon, without the use of disinfectant or sanitizing substances or consumables.

AIRCARE-BOX allows continuous sanitization even in the presence of people, the sanitizing action gives excellent results even after a few hours of operation, guaranteeing and acting immediately on new threats that occur during the course of the day.

Processing halls, preparation areas, clean rooms
Cold rooms, despatch areas
Blast chillers
Offices and areas with high staff presence
Cold rooms, processing halls, clean rooms, blast chillers
Waiting rooms, hospital wards, infectious wards, triage, nursing homes
Discover the model that’s right for you
Kills up to 99% of Viruses and Bacteria
Removes bad smells
Up to 200 m2 area / 500 m3 vol.
Automatic cleaning without filters
Low energy consumption
Continuos action even in the presence of people